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Date: 22nd June 2016
E-1004 1 CH H.264 HDMI&VGA Video Encoder&decoder
Mine 264 HDMI or VGA To IPTV Streaming encoder will take lower bandwidth to get high definition video signal,Website:, it adopts H.264 encoding format, and can encode video & audio at the same time.Mine HDMI or VGA encoder, its output TS dual stream, can make it to set the resolution of code steam of every channel according to different requirement. With high integration and cost-effective design, which make this device widely used in IPTV systems, beside that, the system is more stable and reliable, also it supports VLC decoding.Key Features:Support HDMI or VGA dual interface input at real timeSupport ONVIF protocol and NVR recordingIt adopts standard H.264 coding formatAudio coding support MPEG1 Audio Layer2CBR/VBR/ABR code rate controlling , 16kbit/s~16Mbit/sSupport Network interface full-duplex mode 1000MSupport HTTP,UDP,RTSP,RTMP protocol and support Unicast & multicastThe video stream output format: TS/VES/AES ect.Clean WEB dashboard, Chinese and English are optional.Support the double streaming output, main streaming + second streamingBe able to select different streaming resolution.Support decoding for multi-brand set up boxSupport transmit in WAN and LANSupport HDC
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