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Date: 13th May 2016
AHD1506 AHD To HDMI CVBS VGA Video Converter
AHD to HDMI/VGA/BNC MINE- AHD1506The AHD to HDMI/VGA/BNC HD video encoder can transfer AHD/CVBS to HDMI/VGA/CVBS output by digital processing ,Website:, which will promote the image quality and promote VGA and HDMI output to 1080p , then the image will be more clear and stable . The converter can transfer the signal of AHD camera to HDMI signal , then it will be able to connect it to HD large screen LED digital LCD TV by the HDMI interface , or connect the AHD camera to the security protection equipment such as HDMI/VGA/CVBS matrix switcher ect. This AHD converter is easy to handle , it adopts 75-3 coaxial cable and can transfer the HD lossless video to 500m . The converter can transmit the megapixel HD video with low cost , long distance , no delay, high efficiency, anti-interference and easy to use .Function:-- it can promote the AHD signal to HDMI 1080p/720P-- HDMI output format: 720P@50/60Hz, 1080P@50/60Hz-- HDMI input can compatible several format of DVI : 800X600?1024X768,1280X1024?1360X768, 1680X1050?1920X1080@50_60Hz ect?the default signal output of the converter is HDMI/VGA ,it can switch to VGA/BNC by the button .-- video input system: NTSC / PAL (Automatic detection and adaptive )-- VGA and BNC signal can be connected to the converter at the same time ,the output signal can be switched by the DIP switch .-- it compatible with HDCP, HDMI1.4-- it provides HD analog signal AHD input interface?-- it provides HD digital signal HDMI(720P@60Hz/1080p@60hz) output interface .-- it provides power adapter 5-12V DC interface-- support AHD signal 500m-- support HDMI1.4 version and compatible below?-- support audio and image synchronously output?-- support video output smoothly , without signal loss , screen polarized and screen shaking?-- with CE, FCC, RoHS certificate?
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